Tech Wildcatters scours the globe to find the best founders.

Idea to exit: Tech Wildcatters is a stage seed accelerator that utilizes over 10 years of proprietary knowledge. We have been deemed the #1 B2B accelerator.


300 Million

That is the valuation of the companies that has come through our milestone program. That's because we believe in past the program end date. Every year we not only bringing in new companies but continue to support the previous ones that have show determination and results.


8 Exits

Tech Wildcatters has a proven track record with a robust alumni portfolio including Nimbix, Validic, and Selery; and eight successful exits including Siftery, KeyRing, CancerGene Connect, Brand Protection Agency, and GlimpzIt.

150 Million

Actions speak louder than words. Finding those undervalued opportunities for our investors and companies is our job. That number is a significant representation of the opportunities we've invested in.

Our job is to find disruptive ideas that are supported by strong founders. We are able to accomplish this because of our strong Tech Wildcatters team.

About Us

Our strong mentor roster features experts and connectors from multiple industries and disciplines. 

Our startups enjoy in-depth advice and guidance from our founders and partners of all walks of life and backgrounds, and these relationships extend beyond our TW Training Program into their formative years.

Accelerator Our proprietary milestone-based program features our twelve-week TW Training Camp.

We focus on bringing in strong founders with technical backgrounds. After they complete our program, they have the funding and resources they will need to go on to receive follow up funding.


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