February 23, 2020

4 Great Reasons Why Your Startup Should Join an Accelerator Program

1. Accelerators provide direct guidance to founders

While on your own, it’d be difficult to have access to established entrepreneurs, especially those who are already willing to help you. Accelerators reach out to entrepreneurs in residence that have expertise in whatever industry you’re trying to break out in. This is what sets accelerators apart from incubators. Accelerator programs aim to work within a certain time frame, and that only works if we find the perfect people to help you launch your business in a timely manner. You're going to be surrounded by people who whole-heartedly support your growth.

2. Accelerators help you raise much more funding from seed investors

There are plenty of articles and resources that tell founders how and where to find potential investors. With accelerator programs, we cut out the middleman and even assist you in drafting your pitch deck. Accelerators programs want you to get as much funding as you possibly can. Your success is our success, and that shows how much effort we put into curating the perfect program for you.

3. Accelerators can grant access to other invaluable resources

Depending on what accelerator program you join, you could have access to things like server credits, travel discounts, software subscription discounts, etc. This is another way that accelerators can save you money in the long run. Not all of these resources are necessities, but they'll prove to be beneficial if you decide to take advantage of them.

4. You can find an accelerator that will cater to your startup’s specific needs

You deserve an accelerator that wants to bring out the best in your company. Finding programs with mentors who are doing what you want to do will help you grow as a founder, as well as provide a detailed roadmap for your startup’s development. Different startups require different needs and accelerators adhere to that. The goal is to help your startup meet milestones in the best ways that serve its needs.

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