July 26, 2017

It’s recruiting season and we want YOU!

We’re getting geared up for the fall class and reviewing all the applications received so far. With so many programs (accelerators, incubators,corporate, government, etc) out there, we thought you might like a guide to theone here at TW. So here it is…all your questions answered in one easy place.

Want to meet us? Come to one of our openoffice hour times at a WeWork near you. The next one is August 4th at the Legacy location. Sign up here.

Want to get a taste of the goods? Join us for a Customer Development workshop on August 30th where we’ll share the real how to’s on great customer development that leads to a robust pipeline and profitable sales. If you’re an applicant, you get in free! If not, no worries,you can still join for a small fee – no strings attached.


Now for those promised FAQ’s…

  1. When     do applications close?

A:  We decided to keep it simple and make it Labor Day,September 4th. After all, shouldn’t you spend that day thinking about how to work like others won’t so you can live one day like others can’t? 

  1. Do I have to have a complete product to apply?

 A:  No, but it will definitely help your chances of getting in. At least show us you’ve done something to validate your idea.

  1. Do     I have to have a cofounder?

A:  See #2. In order to progress through the program and unlock more investment capital, you will need a full-time cofounder, so take that into account.

  1. How     many companies are you accepting?

A:  This always depends on the applicant pool, but we anticipate bringing in 7-12 startups for the fall class.

  1. How     much $$ do you invest?

A: We invest up to $130K over 5 levels.

  1. So     what are the Gauntlet levels?

 A: There are 5 levels to the Gauntlet: discover, build,launch, grow, and scale. Everyone starts at Level 1 and can progress as quickly through the levels as they want to.

  1. Does     that mean I can stay in the program for years?

A: While we would love to work side by side with all of our founders on a daily basis, we’re all better off if you spread your wings and get the hell out of the nest. The program itself runs 12 weeks, typical of any accelerator. We expect that you use that time to plug into all of our resources so you have them on tap for the life of your company. And we're always here when you need us, and always looking for more ways to help you scale. BUT, you have to engage! 

  1. Great!     So when does the next program run?

A: Our fall class runs October 2, 2017 – December 22, 2017

  1. What     are your investment terms?

A: We typically invest the first $30K for 8% common stock. Then we help you fill your seed round, which we will participate in if you meet the criteria.

  1. What     if we just want the program and not the cash? 

A: We have offered equity only terms in the past to cash flowing companies who want to scale. Ask us about it! 

  1. Do     we have to move to Dallas?

A: You need to be in Dallas for the 12-week program. We expect that you will operate your company in the best place for it to thrive,hopefully that's here, but we're ok if it's not.

  1. How     do I know you’re any good?

A: We recommend you reach out to the founders of our most successful companies and ask them. This is a good practice any time you consider taking investment capital.

Have more questions? Email us at info@techwildcatters.com and we’ll get you taken care of.

Or just APPLY HERE! 

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