April 29, 2019

Top Tweets from DSW19

You know we think Dallas is the best place on earth for entrepreneurs and investors alike. That’s why we participate in Dallas Startup Week. Not only does it showcase some of the big hitters in the industry, it also allows new entrepreneurs to receive a fast track education. This year we led the Capital and Funding Track alongside Silicon Valley Bank and had a blast live tweeting through the entire thing. That’s why we wanted to recap some of our favorite tweets and people you should follow! Check them out 🡪

Day 1

Dallas Startup Week 2019 Launch Party | We followed Dallas Startup Week’s call because, well, in the words of Ke$ha, “the party don’t start ‘til I walk in.”

Dallas Startup Week (@DalStartupWeek): “Are you at the #DSW19 Launch Party? Everyone else is…”

Your business starts with YOU - and our mentor Dave hits the nail right on the head.

H E I D I H I S E R (@HeidiHiser): “Take away From yesterday #DSW2019. Always favorite. Can’t imagine what’s going on in that head. Dave Copps “There’s only one fight going on, and it’s winning the battle between your ears” “Align yourself with people that, you can change the world” @DalStartupWeek @iamdavo

Day 2

Ask An Investor | We hopped over to DSW headquarters to host our “Ask an Investor” panel. Why Dallas? Venu Shamapant covered why we’re better numberswise.

Tech Wildcatters (@techwildcatters): “*LIVE* // Ask an Investor @DalStartupWeek #DSW19 “Evaluations and capital efficiency are what make Texas companies different from the West coast. Creating liquidity is the main milestone.” - @vshamapant, @liveoakvp

Mark Cuban Keynote Event @ Dallas Startup Week powered by Capital One | Our Dallas fave Mark Cuban absolutely filled DSW with energy - and only on Day 2! Dave Copps captured what it felt like perfectly.

Dave Copps (@iamdavo): “So, it was like we were all sitting in a big living room and Mark knew everyone by first name…What an incredibly intimate evening with @mcuban and the Dallas startup community tonight at #DallasStartupWeek. We are great when we’re together like this! #DSW19 #greatness

Day 3

Women of Innovation Summit | Who’s that boss lady? SHE’S that boss lady: Suzy Batiz, CEO of PooPourri, always has the best and most motivational advice.

Deme (@astoldbydeme): “Important takeaways from @PooPourri CEO, @SuzyBatiz: 1. Ideas are ALIVE 2. Your biz is a living dynamic organism 3. Trust your Gut 4. Think less, FEEL more 5. Your biz is a catalyst for personal growth – Be energy rich #DSW19 #WOI19”

Texas STRONG, guys - that’s what DSW is about! Also, correction: the handle tweeted should be @vthapar!

Christopher Duzich (@Cduzich1): “#DSW19 Great quote from panelist @vthapar from Cypress Growth Capital “Texas entrepreneurs are scrappier than East and West Coast peers. They focus on the top and BOTTOM line, trying to do less with more.” @techwildcatters @GoldenSeeds #DallasStartupWeek #DEC

It’s not just Texas; it’s our Texan communities that make people realize why Texas is so great. Sanjiv Yajnik tells it to you straight why DSW is the place to be!

Sanjiv Yajnik (@sanjiv_yajnik): “I’ve always believed that vibrant communities and vibrant businesses go hand-in-hand. That is why @DalStartupWeek is so amazing. It’s bringing together corporations, startups and community partners to make a lasting impact on the place where we live, work and learn. #SOE

Day 4

Just your casual day returning to the office... with a phenomenal group of people!

Jason Caston (@jasoncaston): “Stepped into @techwildcatters gathering at @WeWork. - #MyDSW19 #DSW19 #LeadersofInnovation @dalStartupWeek #InfluencerCouncil

Day 5

Women of Innovation Summit at Dallas Startup Week | Don’t come to play, come to crush - Nina Vaca’s here with taking advantage of sudden opportunities:

Liz Farmer (@liz_farmer): “One of the takeaways I’m trying to adopt from @ninavaca: “I’m a lot of things, but my favorite thing is to be underestimated.” #DSW19 #WOI19 @DalStartupWeek @DallasInnovates

Corporate Startup Innovation Summit, #DSW19 powered by Capital One | Sean Minter couldn’t have wrapped up DSW better. Making a business is a process. And we’re excited to see how founders and their startups grow like crazy.

Tech Wildcatters (@techwildcatters): “*LIVE* Corp[o]rate Innovation Summit #DSW19 “Startups are like kids. You have to learn how to crawl, walk, and then you can run.” – Sean Minter, CEO @amplifAI

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