June 10, 2019

Why the Gauntlet is out and TW Training Camp is now in Season

I’ve found that the entrepreneurial space can be quite competitive, just like in sports.

When I first started diving deeper into Tech Wildcatters and what it meant to represent a part of the startup ecosystem I thought “how do I want Tech Wildcatters to be perceived?” What did I and my new team bring to the table?

We’ve updated quite a few things, one in particular is a large item; The Gauntlet.

If you’ve been with Tech Wildcatters longer than two years you know that we used to run our milestone based cohort as The Gauntlet. That term comes with connotations like deadly battles, sweat, tears, and blood shed. For Tech Wildcatters in 2019 that was not what we wanted to represent.

Our goal is to be a support for every entrepreneur, partner, and investor that we meet. To continually develop them into the best they can be. Training them to know that leadership and being able to put the team on your back are all skills a great founder should have.

Now if you know me, well then, you know I’m a sports fanatic. I’ve got season passes to a plethora of teams (actually I’ve got NBA Finals tickets if you’re looking.) So when my team and I sat down to put a game plan together (are you starting to see our train of thought here?) we decided nothing could be more ideal than to go with TW Training Camp.

Just like in training camps we’re pushing the limits of our companies, finding their areas of weakness to make them stronger, and mentally toughen them up to go the distance. We also know that one season of training isn’t going to get them there. Just like any good athlete or team they know that they have to go past what is required of them to succeed and the truly talented ones? They work even harder.

The milestone program is still in place - receiving funding based on the merits of your work. How we run the program and develop training is much different though. We’re planning to run a very personalized curriculum this year and from now on. We will be looking at the companies we bring in and dissect their needs down to a science. Whether it’s technical resources like development or intangible teachings like leadership skills.

This will allow us to plan future growth as well. We stand behind our “past the program end date” because we believe that building a company isn’t a 12 week program (or everyone would do it.) TW Training Camp is now in season and we’re excited to see this next round of mentally tough founders come through our program.

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