TW Training Camp

Our unique approach to acceleration trains startup candidates to master the key milestones of a successful startup: Discover the market need, Build a viable product, Launch in beta, Grow in sales/usage week over week, and Scale.

We love our companies. TW Training Camp is a mentorship-driven program emphasizing on providing a safe space to nurture startups in a way that founders can receive personalized attention which allows each portfolio company to progress at their own pace suitable to their respective stage and industry.


Articulate the problem, who you are solving for, and how much they are willing and able to pay to solve it. 


Continue customer discovery with a MVP. Build plans for your team, budget, and technology.


Launch a beta product to generate first revenue and build a solid pipeline.


Week over week sales growth and fully prepare for outside investment.

Check out our portfolio of over 150 companies and 8 successful exits.

We believe in having a diversified portfolio across multiple industries. This gives founders different perspectives from their peers while forming collaboration and not having to compete for the same industry-specific investors with entire class.

View our mentor network. Our startups receive personalized advice and guidance.

Tech Wildcatters' mentors range from subject matter experts, industry vertical experts, experienced entrepreneurs, active angel and venture capital investors, to applicable regulators. While we have a deep roster of mentors, our network is not limited to them as we continue to seek the best mentors to match with our portfolio companies’ needs.

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