Our Mentors

Tech Wildcatters mentors range from subject matter experts, industry vertical experts, experienced entrepreneurs, active angel and venture capital investors, to applicable regulators. While we have a deep roster of mentors, our network is not limited to those as we continue to seek the best mentors to match with our portfolio companies’ needs.

Joe Clemko


Michael Cope

CEO | Cope Ventures

Doug Jarvie

Investor | Consultant

Biegel Macaraeg

Founder, HarloKyn Advisors

Michael Hartman

CMO | SVP Marketing

Jeff Murphy

Sales Director | Haxiot

Rene Larrave

CEO & Founder | CommandHound

Andres Fabris

Founder | CEO of Traxo

John Reed

General Partner | Azalea Ventures

Michael Martin

Solar Advisor | North Texas Business

Jim Janicki

President and CEO | SigmaFlow LLC

Dave Copps

CEO | Hypergiant Sensory Sciences

Neal Rapoport

CEO | Rapoport Investments

Ed Chao

CEO | Polte

Carolina Rendon

Senior VP | Allie Beth Allman & Associates

Jessica Vittorio

Managing Attorney